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Ginny Jamieson,  CADC, NCADCII
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor

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The myth surrounding alcohol/drug addiction is that the person must “hit bottom” before they are willing to accept help. 

“Hitting bottom” can mean failed relationships, medical consequences, job loss, legal problems or premature death. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Help is available now – before they “hit bottom”.

That help is Intervention.

Ginny Jamieson CADC, an Intervention specialist, is passionate about helping individuals and families heal from the affects of alcohol/drug addiction.

Intervention is a loving process of helping the alcohol/drug addict recognize the consequences of their disease without blame, shame, anger or guilt.

Intervention enables the family to explain their feelings of pain and fear around the addiction in a safe environment and offer a program of recovery to their loved one.

Ginny offers confidential, compassionate counseling for chemical dependency, codependency, and for families suffering from the effects of alcohol/drug addiction.

Without help, the alcohol/drug problem will get progressively worse.

Don't watch helplessly while this happens. Get the help your family deserves.

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